One For All Emails

Dear Radek,

I think of you and Marky on a daily basis with gratitude.

I don't want to waste big words, but that's just how it is.

You cannot even imagine how happy I am, thanks to SCD. After so many years I finally feel more alive than dead.
Years of infections not only of the nervous system, neuroborreliosis  and misdiagnosed multiple sclerosis. Massive joint ache, deathly exhaustion, paralysis... body was on its way out. In my young age I was on my way to a wheel chair.
Who hasn't gone through similar situation will never understand how miserable I felt.

In my mind, I thank you daily, with all my heart.

I have been on SCD for 5 months and I already feel like a completely new person. And I know this will continue.

Sometimes I feel like shouting: DUDE, THIS IS SICK!!!

I'm sorry my children's vocabulary rubs off on me 🙂

But I know you and Marky understand how GREAT this all is and I am jumping with joy.

I am sure there are many people who see your videos and read your articles, who doubt you. Don't believe you. Or are just very skeptical. I couldn't believe it myself, at first. But I was so desperate, I decided to just go for it.

And what followed was truly incredible.




At this point I only have minuscule symptoms, which don't limit me anymore. Most of my problems disappeared quickly, no more headaches, my eyesight has improved, nothing hurts, no joint does. I stopped getting the paralysis attacks, I am active and I can do a lot of work from morning to evening and I even have a good mood while at it. Not even a sign of PMS, I can walk or exercise no problem. In this season, kids bring all sorts of bugs, and even a common cold used to result in me being out of commission for 2 weeks, I simply caught everything. Now, everything is different, while family lies in bed with fevers, I rest up in the evening, get some herbs to support the immunity and the next day, the bug is gone! While the immunity has been going down for years, now it works like a clockwork! It's beautiful when you can count on your body, something I didn't believe would happen to me ever again.

And one more thing, maybe just a small detail. I never had trouble with my weight, but my body has shaped nicely, thinner waist and my belly deflated a bit.

In the last few years, people kept telling me how good I look, that they couldn't even tell I am sick. And I also tried not to be a victim and a pitiful person, so most people had no idea what kind of problems I have.

But I can tell you, I look completely different now than before. I'm in the mood to smile just because... and smile I do 🙂 It's just how you said it in one of the videos, a person is high on the substances their bodies create themselves...And that brings a relaxed mood, almost a euphoria. Just, joy of life. Living makes me so happy, like never before.

Just to that I met an acquaintance of mine, who was taken aback how good I look. And this keeps happening! It's awesome how seriously amazed people are!

And you know what else is really fun? Every illness has mental symptoms too, not just physical. Like relationship imbalances. Of course I have been working on this for years, but now with SCD, everything is so much easier. I don't know how is it possible but I can absolutely feel I am stronger mentally and clearly see what is wrong and what needs to be done. I used to be too kind to everyone, and they made use of it, they drained me of my energy I don't need to emphasize that is over. I made short work of few of these "vampires". I will not tolerate a certain kind of behavior anymore. This diet changed something in my body, my mind and perception. Everything is clear. And I take action to right the wrong in my life.

Now I am just looking forward to what else will the SCD bring. Because so far, it just keeps going up. How high can it go? How long will it keep getting better? If someone told me this story,
I wouldn't believe... I'd say the person is a fanatic, crazy or fool, but now, day by day, when life keeps getting better, my body gets stronger, even my relationships are happier, all the while savoring great food. I want for nothing.

Thank you again and again, a thousand times for what you are doing. You are doing an amazing work.


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