"I got my life back after recovering from
an unbeatable disease.
And I want to show you how to do the same."

The One Critical Strategy How to Get Back Your Perfect Health and Figure.


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✖︎ Don't like swallowing pills?     ✖︎ Are you tired of sitting in the doctor's waiting room?
✖︎ Don't care for feeling awful?    ✖︎ Want to stop spending your life on the toilet?
✔︎ Good! I have a new opportunity for you... for everyone 🙂

Heal With Meal

If you are suffering from Crohn’s disease, Ulcerative colitis , diverticulitis, celiac disease, cystic fibrosis, chronic diarrhea, or perhaps difficulty to concentrate, hyperactivity, epilepsy, or someone in your family is autistic, you are at the right place.

Heal With Meal

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Ultimate Guide How to Eat Well and Gain Perfect Health.

You learn about Specific Carbohydrate Diet and how to recover.

You learn the most pleasant way to get rid of you diseases.

  • Video 1
    Disclosure of SCD

    What is SCD and how dramaticaly has changed my life? What SCD can
    do for you?

  • Video 2
    SCD Children and Economy

    How to set up SCD for our children? What about economis of SCD?
    It’s pricey?

  • Video 3
    Who Can Benefit and FAQ

    Is SCD for me? Will SCD help me with this or that? Your frequently asked question…

The path of SCD can be a path that will lead you to a completely different place than you are now...

And maybe even somewhere else, than you now expect or can even imagine.

A Few of Your Frequently Asked Questions

This is what’s important for most of you

What is SCD?

SCD aka Specific Carbohydrate Diet, is a special diet that can help you recover from almost any illness. You can find the specifics on healwithmeal.net in the What is SCD section.


Will I lack any important vitamins or minerals when with SCD?

This is a very interesting question. As long as people eat “regular” food that mostly lacks everything, everyone feels safe… But as soon as they start eating foods that contain enzymes, vitamins, minerals… They suddenly get terrified that they will start lacking something. 🙂 So NO… you will want for nothing, if anything you will have more of it than ever before.

What is the best time to start with SCD?

Right this very instant! 🙂

Is SCD a lifestyle?

It definitely is a lifestyle, not just a simple diet. The way SCD works lets us go where we as species have been evolving towards for millions of years and also lets us restore our immune system. And there is no place for any illness, where a proper immune system functions.


Can I lose weight with SCD?
And what if I am underweight and keep losing pounds?

With SCD, your body finds its ideal weight. So not only you can lose extra pounds but we have also successfully applied SCD to an eating disorder case.

What is the success rate of SCD?

Basically 100%, of which hundreds of thousands of people are its proof. The only time where SCD fails is when we don’t actually go through with it.

It is truly health for everyone...

Let us tell you our story, explain what SCD is and how it works
and show you that it CAN HEAL YOU TOO


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We hate SPAM and promise to keep your email address safe.

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